What is hapeening between Siti and Jane? What kind of conversation

Soal :

1.) What is hapeening between Siti and Jane?
2.) What kind of conversation are the having?
3.) Whom do you agree with, Jane or Siti why?
4.) Have you witnessed bullying? Decribe how you self?

Jawaban :

1.) Siti and Jane are exchanging their opinions on bullying topic.

2.) They are having a casual conversation about bullying.

3.) I agree with Jane. I believe that bullying should not be done in any way possible even if it's only a small teasing. I also think that bullying is everyone's problems, so if we see someone is being bullied, we have to try to stop that.

4.) No, I have not. But I imagine I would be very sad and angry if I ever witnessed bullying.

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