Where do you think each conversation takes place? What are the relationships

Soal :

1.) Where do you think each conversation takes place?
Dialog 1:
Dialog 2
Dialog 3:
Dialog 4:

2.) What are the relationships between the speakers?
Dialog 1:
Dialog 2:
Dialog 3:
Dialog 4:

3.) What are the functions of the underlined words?

4.) What are the functions of the italicized words?​

5.) In Dialog 1, what does dr. Nahda say to help Fafa? What will dr. Nahda do to help Fafa?

6.) Look at Dialog 2 
What does Tania offer to the stranger? Does the stranger accept Tania’s offer? What does he say?

7.) Who is offering a help in Dialog 3? What does she say? Is the offer accepted?

8.) In Dialog 4, what does Diana say to offer a help? Does Hamada
accept or refuse the help? What does she say?

Jawaban :

Dialog 1 : Hospital
Dialog 2 : Arjosari terminal
Dialog 3 : At a construction site
Dialog 4 : In the classroom

Dialog 1 : Doctor and patient
Dialog 2 : Tania is an agent at the Arjosari terminal and the man is a stranger
Dialog 3 : They are friends
Dialog 4 : Maybe Diana and Hsmada are a best friend

3.) no underline words
4.) no words on the slash

5.) Dr. Nahda will check if Fafa is sick or not

6.) Tania offer a help to the stranger, yes he receive Tania offer. He say " Yes. I need to go to Jakarta"

7.) Riza is offering a help.

Riza : "Would you need
my help?"

The offer is accepted (menerima)

8.) Diana say " What if I help you with the preparation?"

Hamada reject Diana offer (menolak)

She say " But I'm going to do it with my sister. Thanks for the offer."

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