Write dialog about the history project with your group at the library after school. Your best friend cannot finish his/her part. Offer a help to do it together!

Contoh Dialog 1

Barry : Guys, what's the topic for our project?
Scott : It's "Golden Age of Majapahit Empire". Several more paragraphs and mine is done.
Liz : Yes, mine is almost done too.
Barry : I'm just barely starting. I have no idea where to start.
Scott : You can copy from my work, Barry. Here, take a look.
Liz : That's not a good idea, Scott.
Barry : I think so. I have to experience the thinking process, just like you did.
Liz : Just finished! You can use this book. It has complete description as far as Majapahit as concerned.
Scott : I have finished, too. I will accompany you and become your partner for discussion, if you like.
Barry : Many thanks, guys. You truly are my best friends.

Contoh Dialog 2

Mikael : Jen, do you think it's a good topic for our project?
Jennie : Yes, I think it's a good topic because we can also talk about Indonesia.
Mikael : Good idea. But, I still don't understand some parts of the lesson.
Jennie : Can I help you?
Mikael : Yes, thank you!
Jennie : So which part is it?
Mikael : Please tell me what's the reason of the war.
Jennie : Sure. I wrote it down here on my notes. You can take a look and ask me if there's something that's unclear.
Mikael : Cool!
Jennie : Is there anything else that you still don't understand?
Mikael : No, thanks! You've been a great help.
Jennie : Okay, I'll think of some resource we can use while you're reading the notes.
Mikael : Got it!

Tulisan yang bercetak tebal merupakan kalimat penawaran/offer

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